Welcome to BoxyBSD, your destination for free BSD-focused solutions and services for the community. At BoxyBSD, we believe in the power of open-source technology and the principles of the BSD and open-source communities, which prioritize providing free and open solutions to all.

Our project is driven by a dedication to fostering education, exploration, and experimentation within the realm of BSD-based systems. We offer a range of free services, including virtual machine (VM) hosting, email hosting, and web hosting, all built on BSD-focused solutions. Therefore, BoxyBSD is fully a non-profit project.

By providing these services at no cost, we aim to empower enthusiasts, students, and professionals to gain hands-on experience without the financial barriers typically associated with setting up and managing virtual environments. Whether you're looking to delve into the intricacies of BSD systems, learn about system administration, networking, or security practices, BoxyBSD provides a safe and controlled environment for your exploration.

In addition to our VM hosting services, we also offer secure email and web hosting solutions with state of the art technologies.

Join us at BoxyBSD and be part of a community committed to advancing knowledge, collaboration, and the principles of open-source technology. Experience the freedom to learn, experiment, and innovate with BoxyBSD today.