Can I get a new BSD based VM?
Yes - but it takes some time. This project is free and the resources are limited. Each hypervisor will only run a limited amount of free VMs. Slots will be freed when someone cancels the VM or a new host node gets attached to the cluster. I still have to pay for the resources that you are using for free which means I cannot simply add new nodes.

Can I choose an OS?
You can choose between the following OS:
  * FreeBSD 14
  * OpenBSD 7.5
  * NetBSD 10
  * Open Indiana (beta)

Where are the systems hosted?
All VMs are hosted in Germany. Unfortunately, it depends on the usage of the host nodes where new VMs are created. The systems are located all over Germany - a VM may be created in Nürnberg (hosted on netcup, Hetzner), Frankfurt (Maincubes, ProHosting24), Düsseldorf (Plusserver, PawHost).

Where are IP subnets located & hosted?
No native IP subnets are used for this service. All IP subnets are assigned by AS6939 (Hurricane Electric LLC). Different tunnel pops provide different subnets in different countries. Currently, it can be served from Germany, Switzerland, USA and Dschibuti (Africa).

Traffic & Bandwidth?
Traffic is needed and you should do what you need to do but please do not generate unnecessary traffic. Please do not provide any download portals and do not run P2P sharing systems like Torrent. This is currently stated as "fair use" traffic but may change at any time. The host nodes are connected with multiple Gbit interfaces but each VM is limited to 10Mbit. If there is any reason to get more bandwidth, please contact us.

How do we get support?
For further support you can write an email to You may also find more help in the Matrix channel on the BSD.Cafe server:

Can we donate?
Please see the current status of donations at donate.

Can we sponsor?
Yes, sponsoring is absolutely appreciated! If you are working in or for an AS (Autonomous System) or in a data center and can provide hardware resources with a minimum of 32GB memory and 500GB disk space, including upstream and at least a single /48 IPv6 subnet, this can be integrated into the BoxyBSD project. Please get in touch with the project via our contact page.

Are there things forbidden?
The initial idea of this project is to provide a valuable platform for people interested in BSD and open-source. This means, that it should also be used and treated in this way - for research and learning. Do not waste resources (especially network traffic)! You should also take care for your instance and keep it up to date and secure.
Strongly forbidden is everything which results into illegal activities (e.g., hacking, ddos etc.) but also annoying things like port scanning of foreign systems and so on. Every kind of pornographic material is forbidden and also running TOR nodes, Torrent etc..

Can the hosting and service be terminated?
Yes, the services may be terminated at any time without any further notice!

Are there backups?
No! YOU are responsible for your instance and backups.

What CMS are you using?
This project runs on manpageblog which is free and open-source. You can find the source on github but it is also available in the FreeBSD ports.

Who is behind this project?
This project is founded and driven by gyptazy. I'm a BSD user for more than 15 years and belive in the strenght of the community. You can also find me on Twitter and the Fediverse.